About Us

efraudOur Objective

eFraud Security was established to protect online merchants from fraudulent credit card chargebacks. Our merchants can attend to their business as eFraud successfully monitors their orders.

eFraud Security has more than 12 years of experience in verifying credit card payment orders. For the past few years, we have been providing services in the Verifications & Insurance sector to large etailers who have experienced tremendous losses from Card Not Present (CNP) credit card chargebacks. eFraud Security also insures its verified orders and reimburses fraud chargebacks.

Our Promise

eFraud Security provides CNP Loss-Prevention Servicing & Insurance for Online Stores accepting credit card payments for USA and international transactions. We secure and fully insure all transactions approved by us. We provide 100% reimbursement for all fraud-related chargebacks at an affordable cost.

eFraud charges a percentage-based fee so that merchants pay only for the orders that they want verified. With the eFraud promise, they can be confident that their transactions are carefully and professionally evaluated with an astonishingly high approval rate. No transaction is rejected without a careful review.

Our Expertise

We have a proven success rate of dealing with international order verifications. We have an experienced team and state-of-the-art software that enable us to serve our clients efficiently. We can accommodate

all merchants regardless of which Payment Gateway or Workflow Platform they are using. eFraud responses are sent via API Calls and Email Updates. A secure login to eFraud’s CardProberTM order-status portal is also provided.

Our Greatest Advantage

The greatest asset of eFraud Security is our high transaction approval rate. Presently, we are achieving approval rates of 99.6% for USA transactions and 92% for international transactions. Our fees can easily be justified by the profit gained from approved transactions that would otherwise be declined by the merchant or a competing, automated fraud-screening software. eFraud’s state-of-the-art software, CardProberTM, uses more than 165 fraud screening parameters, all of which are completely transparent to the online customer. All parameters are managed by our experienced staff allowing the merchants to focus on their core business.