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eFraud Security is a CNP (Card Not Present) Loss-Prevention Service & Credit Card Chargeback Insurance company. We service Online Merchants, Credit Card Processors & IT Resellers. We guarantee and fully insure all approved transactions. eFraud Security reimburses its clients 100% for all fraud related chargebacks.

Prevent Chargebacks

Established in 2008, Efraud Security provides an automated credit card verification and fraud protection service. We specializes in high-risk credit card payments including international credit card transactions, high value purchases, alternate shipping addresses and mismatched AVS transactions. Our proprietary software, CardProber, enables us to achieve astonishingly high approval rates. Our transaction approval response time is within seconds. Merchants can now focus confidently on their core business as we take full responsibility of their CNP fraud losses.

When it comes to online luxury retail sales, fraud prevention is a critical aspect of maintaining accurate sales numbers, as well as guaranteeing protecting the organizations assets. Michael manages his team and verifies orders in a professional, and efficient manner, and I absolutely recommend his skill set.
Senior Manager, ECommerce Strategy and Business Development at Luxottica Group

When my clients need order verification or fraud insurance, I always recommend Michael at E-fraud Security with absolute confidence. He is the expert in the field.
Maurice Stien, Business Coach & author of 'Turn your business around by 5 pm'

The baby toys industry was booming. Sales at my new online store were skyrocketing after we restructured our look. Moms and other shoppers loved our new products and overall image brand. Unfortunately, we started getting questionable orders. Things looked funny to the shipping assistant. We held some orders and started looking for help. Fortunately, eFraud figured out what was going on and took care of our problem. I am very grateful for all their work. With their loss prevention system, they implemented an order verification system and since then we have eliminated fraudulent chargebacks.
Boutique owner in San Jose, CA

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Loss Prevention

As a result of the explosion of E-Commerce companies and online shopping, the complex nature of credit card fraud increases daily. Merchants are faced with the tough decision to either allow risky transactions, which sometimes results in costly chargebacks, or decline them, often turning away profitable business that need not be lost. Click here for an example of a fraudulent chargeback.