Loss Prevention

Get Loss Prevention that is insured 100% with efraud security system of loss prevention

Credit Card Fraud Losses

As a result of the explosion of E-Commerce companies and online shopping, the complex nature of credit card fraud increases daily. Merchants are faced with the tough decision to either allow risky transactions which sometimes result in costly chargebacks, or decline them, often turning away profitable business that need not be lost.


The Solution

eFraud Security provides a 100%, fully insured Order Verification and Loss Prevention service to online luxury etailers.



  • With the combination of our proprietary fraud-screening software, CardProberTM, and our experienced, qualified analysts, we are able to achieve astonishingly high approval rates while mitigating fraud losses.



  • eFraud Security guarantees its approved transactions and reimburses its clients 100% of all fraud-related chargeback losses at a very reasonable cost.




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