Order Verification

Order Verification

Online shopping and trading has become the new trend. For the consumer, there are many advantages. He can compare prices, research products, and make purchases from the comfort of his home.

For an etailer, however, this process presents unique challenges. There is a regular influx of credit card theft and fraudulent chargebacks. Because online fraudsters are rarely apprehended, criminals are brazen and credit card fraud continues to plague web-based merchants. The chargeback claim places responsibility for the purchases with stolen cards squarely on the merchant, making him liable for the dollar amount lost and also a hefty fine.  These losses eat into the profits and severely affect the company’s bottom line.

“Friendly fraud”, when a consumer falsely claims not to have received a purchase because he wants to keep the merchandise is another challenge for etailers. Such fraud is difficult to prove and, again, the losses are the merchant’s.

Every day etailers are faced with the tough decision to either allow risky transactions which someetimes result in costly chargebacks, or decline them, often turning away profitable business that need not be lost.

Efraud  Security carefully scans each order as it comes in. our experienced team efficiently verifies each transaction with the help of our state-of the art software. Our approved orders are fully guaranteed and chargebacks are reimbursed.

  • You pay only for the orders you choose to send us. We do not insist on a long term contract.
  • Once you submit an order verification request for a particular order, we check it thoroughly through our stringent verification process.
  • Once we approve an order for its authenticity, you can process the order without any worries about fraudulent chargeback claims or CNP issues.
  • If a chargeback claim is presented for an order approved by us, we will pay the chargeback amount in full.
  • These services are provided by eFraud Security for a percentage based fee that is easily justified by the profits gained from:
    • a) Protection from fraud
    • b) Risky orders that you would otherwise decline.